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Whatever you do don't take out a loan thru Think Cash. I had a $500 loan, making direct deposits with them and one month I couldn't come up with the full amount so I called them to ask to make a smaller payment because it said to contact them if you needed help they would work with you.

They told me it was set up and if I did not make the full amount they would charge me interest until it was paid off so I called my bank and they told me to take them off of direct payment and set them up thru bill pay, which I did. So then they also charged me a stop payment, anyway I am now short every month and have not been able to make my payment again this month so I now owe them almost twice as much as what my original loan was for. My next door neighor told me she had used them once and had to call the attorney general's office to get it resolved. Also they have been calling me every day.

I had used Pay Day One before and they were willing to work with people and had smaller dollar amounts for payback.

This company just takes advantage of those that don't have the money and want to suck us try. They are the worst!!

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Pay day loan companies are predatory. They charge exorbitant interest rates, a series of penalties and fines if you cannot make payments. In the end you will end up owing far in excess of your original loan.

Unfortunately, when you take out the original loan you agree to these terms, as predatory as they are.

I would strongly suggest talking to your bank to take out a bank loan or lower interest line of credit to pay them off.

Unfortunately, they are will within their rights to call you, they are well within their rights to charge you. They are not doing anything that was not agreed to in the original loan contract.

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